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For Adjustable Telescopic Steel Props

Propalock is the new, innovative locking system fitted to adjustable telescopic steel props. Manufactured in accordance with British Standard (BS 4074:1982 and current BS EN 1065:1999) its purpose is to contribute to the security and management of safe working practices in temporary works/support situations during construction work.

Propalock is a management tool for the control of temporary support, improving health and safety practices. The universal popularity of adjustable steel props is due to the fact that they provide the simplest. quickest.



Virtually all construction projects require temporary support – particularly those that involve an element of structural instability and partial demo

One of the most common ways of supporting structures in such projects is with the use of adjustable telescopic steel props. However this type of work is an area – identified by health and safety organisations worldwide in which a large number of accidents occur. Health and Safety organisations have also identified current practices relating to ‘temporary demountable structures’ within the events sector as potentially lacking management consistency resulting in a negative effect on safety.

Propalock is an innovative locking system, fitted to steel props, keeping them secure. Crucially, Propalock should only be operated by a designated site supervisor. This means unauthorised tampering with steel props is impossible – improving health and safety in the workplace.

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Propalock, a meticulously designed innovation, seamlessly integrates with adjustable telescopic steel props that adhere to British Standards BS 4074: 1982 and BS EN: 1065:1999. Installed securely on the lower outer tube of the steel prop, Propalock boasts a non-adjustable collar, effectively preventing any unintended movement. With its versatile compatibility, accommodating a range of steel prop diameters and customizable color options, Propalock is a British-engineered solution that enhances the safety and efficiency of temporary support systems.

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Propalock has been designed to fit adjustable telescopic steel props manufactured to comply with British Standards BS 4074: 1982 and BS EN: 1065:1999.

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Propalock has 7mm tolerance to accommodate fitting and minor variations in steel prop diameter that may be the result of normal wear and tear, corrosion or build-up of surface finish such as overpainting.

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Propalock is fitted to the lower overtube of the steel prop.

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Propalock uses a fine-pitch threaded bolt with a unique coded head.

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Once fitted and locked, movement of the collar is not possible, thereby preventing northwards adjustment of movement.

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Propalock can be manufactured in corporate or company colours, dependent on the quantities ordered.

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The diameter of the lower outer tube is 60mm, the circumference is 189mm.

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Propalock’s operating diameter range is 64mm when open and 57mm closed.

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Propalock is designed and manufactured in England.

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UK Patent no: GB2482581 US Patent no: 8,998,159B2

Experience the difference with Propalock – setting new standards in safety and reliability for temporary support structures.