Propalock Components and Assembly Instructions:

Propalock, the innovative solution for enhancing the safety and stability of telescopic steel props, comprises several essential components designed for seamless integration.

In this section, we explore the various facets of Propalock, presenting different views of its components and providing comprehensive assembly instructions. From the core locking mechanism to its customized collar, Propalock’s design ensures a secure and dependable system for temporary support, aligning with the highest safety standards in construction.



Following normal erection procedure by site staff, Propalock is fitted into it’s operating position by a responsible person – a temporary works co-ordinator (TWC). it is at this point the TWC assumes overall management of the temporary works on site.
The basic telescopic prop as delivered on site.
The telescopic prop split into it’s component pants.
Prop with Propalock installed on lower outer tube.
Prop with Propalock with collar installed on lower outer tube
Prop now re-assembled with collar, Propalock and pin
Prop now re-assembled with Propalock in position and ready for use on site.

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