Additional Key

Additional key

Each Propalock is accompanied by a unique coded bolt, and each of these bolts is provided with an exclusive, coded key for added security and precise functionality. These coded keys ensure the accurate installation and operation of the Propalock below the collar nut of the steel prop.

Note: If you require a new bolt or key for a pre existing Propalock, please email us at so we can find the correct key pattern for you.

For orders of 50+ units or custom orders, please contact us for shipping cost.

Bulk Quantity:

£12.50 per piece

Quantity Discount Type Discount Price Per Item
41-49 Percentage 4 £12.00
50-79 Percentage 5 £11.87
80-99 Percentage 8 £11.50
100-149 Percentage 10 £11.25
150-199 Percentage 15 £10.62
200-1000 Percentage 20 £10.00
Delivery: Within 5-7 days Delivery: Within 5-7 days