propalock - telescopic steel props temporary support, acrow prop, acrow lock

Why Us


Propalock is a vital solution for construction projects, especially those involving temporary support structures where safety is a concern. These structures often rely on adjustable telescopic steel props, a common practice that has raised safety issues identified by health and safety organizations.

Propalock addresses these safety concerns effectively. It is engineered using high-quality Polyamide 6 with 30 percent glass fiber filler, maintaining strength while reducing manufacturing costs, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious construction projects.

The use of Propalock not only saves costs but also enhances safety by preventing unauthorized tampering with steel props. It’s a locking system that can only be operated by a designated site supervisor, ensuring consistency in management and significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

The goal of Propalock is to translate the extensive paperwork and safety recommendations regarding temporary support structures into practical action. By doing so, it promotes better health and safety practices on construction sites globally, ultimately improving workplace safety in temporary work situations.